Swiss Family Robinson Book Summary

Original Story:

The original Swiss Family Robinson adventure story was written by Johann David Wyss and published in 1812. This classic depicts a family who lost all their possessions following the French Revolution and sought refuge in England. However, they ultimately decided to make their new home in Port Jackson, Australia. At the time, there was much excitement in the pursuit of sharing the light of the gospel with distant lands. William Robinson, the father, had been a pastor in Switzerland and was excited to spread the “good word”. His plan was to become a free settler and use his knowledge, both practical and theory, to open a church in the new land. Unfortunately, while sailing from England to Australia, the family becomes shipwrecked and learns to survive on a remote island.

During their journey to Port Jackson, they stopped by the island of Otaheite to gather provisions. Leaving the island, they sailed off the coast of New Guinea when a violent storm arose that drove their ship violently off course. For days, they were tossed to and fro in the midst of a terrible storm until eventually they landed upon a remote island in the East Indies. When the storm subsided, the Robinsons searched the ship only to find they were the only survivors.

The Robinson family abandoned the ship and made the remote island their new home. They learned to survive and thrive using the natural resources on the island. Swiss Family Robinson exquisitely details how the Robinsons used the natural resources surrounding them to facilitate their survival. It is a stunning account of the power of values and relationships that allowed the Robinsons to live in peace and abundance. In essence, Johann David Wyss taught his family how to survive and love.

Return to Robinson Island
Inspired by the “original” Swiss Family Robinson written in 1812 by Johann David Wyss, Return to Robinson Island is a continuation of the adventures of the Robinson family fifteen years after their famous shipwreck.

When rumors of a vast treasure trove on Robinson Island surfaces in England in 1815, the Robinson family must use all of their ingenuity and skill to protect their home from conspiring men and fight to save themselves and the treasure.

Return to Robinson Island is an entertaining adventure story that has a thread of romance weaved throughout. It takes place fifteen years after the Robinson Family’s famous shipwreck on a remote island in the East Indies. The story highlights Ernest Robinson, who is now twenty-seven years old, engaged to be married, and is a 1st Lieutenant in the British Royal Navy. Ernest has distinguished himself as a fearless fighter, respected leader, God-fearing, and loyal friend. However, his loyalty is tested when his commanding officer, Captain Charlie, is court-martialed on war crimes and Ernest has no choice but to tell the truth – even if his testimony sends his former Captain to prison.

When reports reach England that a vast treasure trove has been found on Robinson Island, Ernest and his family find themselves in mortal danger when Captain Charlie vows to retrieve the treasure for himself and wreak revenge on the entire Robinson family.

Will the Robinson Family survive the attack? Will Ernest ever see his fiancé again? One thing is certain; they won’t give up the island – or their lives – without a fight!

Note: Return to Robinson Island includes important facts from the original Swiss Family Robinson book. For example, how did the Robinson’s end up on the island in the first place? For convenience, it is NOT necessary for readers to read the original book in order to understand the family and their way of life. The past and the present are woven seamlessly together. Based on our in-depth research, this is the first sequel in over one hundred. The last official sequel for Swiss Family Robinson was titled: "Willis the Pilot" attributed to Johann David Wyss in 1858 and  "Second Fatherland" by Jules Verne year 1900. Wikipedia Link

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