Thirteen-Year-Old Author Goes Back in Time To Meet Swiss Family Robinson

Press Release: October 28, 2019


As author and leadership consultant TJ Hoisington put his daughters to bed, he would sit on the floor and tell them a story about two sisters who stumbled upon a magical tree in their backyard. Each night, over several months, the tale grew. Years later, Kyla Hoisington, the elder daughter, approached her father and said, “I want to be an author.” 


He responded, “If you want to be an author, you have to do the work. I’m not going to hand it to you.”


Over the next two months, Kyla wrote 28 chapters in her journal. TJ then developed each chapter with added detail. “Swiss Family Robinson Secret Discovery” is a dream come true for both father and daughter. It is an entertaining story that will take children on an inspiring, action-packed journey through time.


Book available Dec. 13, 2019. Appropriate for ages 9 through 14 years old. Action/adventure, time travel.


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Book description:


Zoe and Katie were not looking for adventure when they discovered a magic tree in the woods behind their house. As stones on the ground began glowing, the girls embarked on a remarkable journey. The world that awaited them on the other side of the tree door was unlike anything they could have imagined. Stepping back two hundred years into the past, the girls found the last thing they expected. Will they be able to return home, and if so, will anyone believe them?


Join the fun as two worlds collide! The Hoisington family travels backward in time to meet the Swiss Family Robinson in their paradisiacal island home. Rediscover the Robinsons’ remarkable tree house, beautiful island beaches, and blue lagoon. Witness the bond that forms between the two families as they fight to save Robinson Island — and its hidden treasure — from Captain Charlie and his evil men.


“Swiss Family Robinson Secret Discovery” is a reimagined Swiss Family Robinson adventure written by TJ Hoisington and Kyla Hoisington and inspired by the novel “Return to Robinson Island” by TJ Hoisington.