Return To Robinson Island Tj Hoisington

This is an early drawing of (inside) the cave where treasure would be discovered.

Captain Charlie is the antagonist in the story and Ernest Robinson is the protagonist. Captain Charlie being the once highly esteemed Captain and his first Lieutenant, Ernest Robinson.

Ernest Robinson is testifying in a Portsmouth, England courthouse against the older, bound man, Captain Charlie. Captain Charlie was once a highly esteemed Lord of the Realm.

The Robinson’s establishment is called Falconhurst. Above are two partial drawings of the original tree house. There are actually two tree houses that are connected. Fritz Robinson and Jenny live in the newer tree house that is not shown. Also, these drawings don’t truly illustrate the details of the tree houses the Robinsons lived in.

These two pictures depict the arrival of Ernest Robinson and his best friend John Bennett to the island.

There are many details that go into writing a book. A writer has a vision of what characters look like and how they act. Below are early drawings and sketches of specific scenes in the book. These images were NOT used in the final publication, but I would like to share with you.

Swiss Family Robinson: Early Drawings AND Sketches