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Swiss Family Robinson monkey

(January 25, 2018)

TJ Hoisington and his daughter Kyla Hoisington are currently writing a Swiss family Robinson children’s book. This book is a spinoff from Return to Robinson Island. It consists of Zoe and Katie who go back in time, through a portal, and meet Swiss Family Robinson. In time, Swiss Family Robinson is brought to the future. 


Genre: Historical Fantasy


Ages: 10–14 Years Old


Release Date: December 13, 2019


Below is a video describing the forthcoming The Swiss Family Robinson Secret Discovery. Current cover image.

TJ Hoisington's childrens book cover

(July 6, 2016)

TJ Hoisington at a book signing.

TJ Hoisington book signing

(October 17, 2015)

TJ Hoisington at Barnes and Noble book signing.

TJ Hoisington book signing Barnes and Noble
Tj Hoisington book signing image 2
Tj Hoisington book signing image 3
TJ Hoisington Kistap Weekly

(September 24, 2015)

Press Release: TJ Hoisington writes first Swiss Family Robinson sequel in over one hundred years.

Click here to see Press Release

Swiss Family Robinson sequel press release

(September 15, 2015)

Before release date, TJ Hoisington received first printing of Return to Robinson Island. TJ is standing at desk in his home bungalow.

Swiss Family Robinson sequel TJ Hoisington books

(September 15, 2015)

TJ Hoisington received printing of Return to Robinson Island galley before release date.

Swiss Family Robinson sequel galley

(November 5, 2014)

TJ Hoisington shares his process for writing a book - Return to Robinson Islands.

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