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First Swiss Family Robinson sequel in 100 Years

Swiss Family Robinson BOOK TRAILER
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Two young sisters stumble upon a large tree, never seen before, deep in their backyard. To their surprise, stones on the ground at the base of the tree began to glow. Moments later, a door formed on the trunk of the tree. Curious, the sisters inspected the door and eventually stepped through - two hundred years in the past.


Soon, the sisters and family meet the infamous Swiss Family Robinson. A friendship forms between the Hoisington's and the Swiss Family Robinson families. When the Robinson family find themselves in harm's way due to Captain Charlie's, the Hoisington's come to the rescue.


The story is based on the classic book, "The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson" by David Johan Wyss (1812) and "Return to Robinson Island" by TJ Hoisington (2015).  


Genre: Children's action-adventure/time travel. (ages 9-14)

Written by:

TJ Hoisington - @tjhoisington 

Kyla Hoisington - @kylahoisington

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